Our story

Scotland’s Social Way started with a walk outside Edinburgh during an existential crisis: “Why on earth is the world controlled by people so f**ked up? Corporations lying, manipulating, polluting – True, there are businesses and organisations doing good too, particularly in Scotland; but they’re so widespread, so a long-day-of-Internet-search away …

What if we could put them all together on a map, so people could find them easily? And what if we could enjoy this bonnie country in the process?”

The two most dangerous words in every language: what if. Here is our final use of them:

What if we create a Scotland – a world – that puts people and environment at the centre of the economy? And we don’t mean only investing profits in a good mission, but going beyond and exploring business ideas that bring people together and make us feel hopeful, bold, real and connected.

You want it. We all want it. So, what if you join us on this adventure and stop dreaming about it?

Where do the profits go?

Well … What do you think?? Scotland’s Social Way is a national social enterprise: all the profits will stay in Scotland! And since we love all that nonsense of knowing your neighbour’s name, children being able to play outside and feeling that you belong somewhere, you could almost guess we’re on a mission to protect and encourage life in towns & villages.

Behind the scenes

Ria Perez

Founder & Explorer


Skye McGarrigle



Lauren Jones



Becca McClune

Day Trip Designer


Enough with the superhero stories!
The organisations promoted on this website are run by ordinary people trying to do the right thing — “Wait! Human beings enlisting in an epic mission? Mistakes and disappointment are granted …” You’re right, but we’ve made peace with that.
Our only hope is that, whatever human failures you encounter, they never stop you from wanting to change the world for the better.
And who knows? Maybe there’s a spot on that map waiting for you to come forward and play your part  …

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