Design and Make a Skater Skirt


“I love that skirt! Where did you buy it?”

“Buy? BUY??! You’re looking at a unique piece of work that I personally handcrafted – Take your high-street atrophied sense of fashion away from me now!”

If ever there was an occasion to unchain your inner haute couture genius, this is it! Starting with a quest for inspiration, you’ll be able to learn the foundations of pattern construction and the pleasures of garment making. Go on a pilgrimage to this hidden fashion temple by the peaceful coastal town of Dunbar.

And remember: this is not just a skirt; this is the first skirt of the rest of your wardrobe.

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Starting with a mood board and a quest for inspiration, everybody can find a style to express themselves.

Learn the basics of patron construction — the core of fashion design and the thing that most of the sewing workshop won’t teach you. That learning opportunity makes this experience an authentic bargain!

To finish, it’s time to make it happen. You’ll be delighted to see your idea become a real thing under the caring presence of the teachers. — And yes, they teach guys too!

Duration: 10am – 4pm with break for lunch.

Age: 6+

Fabric: Not included. You’re welcome to bring your own or purchase on site from £5 per meter.

Lunch: Not included. You’re welcome to bring your own or visit a local business. (We’ve heard that The Volunteer Arms and 1650 Coffee Shop are tasty options.)

Tea and biscuits included: Yes

To find out how to get there, go to the ‘Directions’ tab of the Fashion School profile.

**Important notice**

Before booking, check our cancellation policy. If you go ahead, we’ll understand that you’ve read it and agreed to it.